Stop Smoking 
When you are sick of "trying" to stop smoking, drugging or overeating: fed up with procrastinating; and feeling hopeless... liberate yourself with an empowering wellness package. You can do it! 

Counsellor / Havening Techniques Practitioner / clinical hypnotheerapist Anne Holleley

Stop Smoking

When we feel overwhelmed, worried and are struggling with negative thoughts and emotions it is time to step out of the debilitating patterns of the anxiety, or depression and get empowered support for 12 weeks working with a professional counsellor.
Become a non-smoker safely, easily and permanently with clinical hypnotherapy. This is a great step towards your wellness and you will feel great and ready to really look after your body, and regain full health and fitness. Success is the only option, with 6 months support!

Discover how Anne will support you to wellness 

Get the gift of wellness.

Overeating and weight issues cause feelings of hopelessness and cycles of dieting and overeating: break the cycle now and liberate yourself, without drugs or surgery. Reach your goals of weight and wellness in 12 weeks!

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