Your empowering journey to becoming a non-smoker (or stopping drugs, gambling etc.)  starts with booking your first session. If you are ready to take the first step we can ustilise safe, effective hypnosis for 2 initial sessions, plus back up for 6 months. You will feel great!

Your wellness package is unique to you.

Stop Smoking


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‚ÄčOvereating and weight gain are frustrating problems and can cause depression and hopelessness. Discover a new recipe for releasing weight without dieting, drugs or surgery: for good. Your 12 week Weight and Wellness Journey starts with a meeting to get to the causes of the problem. 

Slenderise with Success

Darwin Counselling and Hypnosis

Every healthy person strengthens a community.

Like many people you may prefer taking a natural approach to mental health, without drugs.
To ensure a lifetime of clarity and calm thinking, this 12 week package gets to the causes of the problem and focuses on all aspects of your mental wellness. Book the initial meeting for more detail.
Alleviate Anxiety
Thank you for visiting: I am Anne Holleley, I have a special interest in helping people help themselves reach their goals of wellness and feeling great.

As a counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist I help people  struggling with sabotaging behaviours and beliefs to get well; to feel energised and active and at peace.

What I'm really passionate about is creating a community of happy, active people in the Top End.

It takes a lot of courage to reach out to a therapist for support in a time of change, so that is why I offer a meeting first up so you can see if this is what will really make a profound difference in your life; perhaps even in the lives of your family and community. 

If there is not a fit I can recommend a trusted colleague; or provide resources for self help. Support will provide your desired results, and this is what I am passionate about.