End the frustration and stress!

"I contacted Anne to help me stop smoking. I had tried and failed many times to stop...I was rather sceptical about hypnosis, but I was desperate to stop smoking.

I came in on a Monday, craving a smoke, really craving. I left an hour later feeling great. No cravings over the following week; at times wanted a smoke but the cravings passed very quickly. Out of habit one afternoon, having a beer with friends, I rolled and lit a smoke. I didn't breathe it in because the smell of it made me vomit.

Now, now cravings, I feel great." SN, 1/6/15

I have kicked the habit of nail biting since I saw you 3 months ago, and I feel so much better and relaxed too.Here is a photo of my nailsafter my last manicure. Thanks again, BL

"I feel like a massive emotional weight has been pulled off my shoulders and Anne has specifically helped me to combat, control and fix two massive issues in my life...even after two sessions the progress is more than I originally thought possible!"

C.N. 28/08/15

"Really glad I came to see Anne, would recommend her to anyone.

Haven't looked back since I first came to see her."

C.L. 11/09/15

"Excellent sessions. I am now a non-smoker and I have never felt better, thank you!"

B.F. 18/03/16